About Us  

Friends of the Friendless Animal Rescue Group consists of a small group of devoted individuals who saves abandoned, lost, injured, and unwanted dogs and cats in our local community. We provide medical care and homes for these animals until they are adopted by loving families. As a licensed rescue, we ensure all of our animals are vaccinated and spayed/neutered so we do charge a small fee for adoption. As a No-Kill Rescue, our aim is to eliminate euthanasia and provide for the adoption of quality pets. 


200x150box_guy.pngOur group has been in existence since 2001 and is a 501(c)(3) approved organization. We have a lot of animals to care for and get no help at all financially from town, city, county or state, even though we work hand-in-hand with the local pounds. If you have time to spare to help care for the animals, walk dogs, clean kennels, groom the animals, play with cats/ kittens to socialize them, please let us know!    I appeal to your good nature to be a foster parent for a dog or cat short-term emergency basis or longer. Foster Contract dog and cat Foster success plandog and food To see a kitty foster home click here. cat and food

We also need volunteers to help with bake sales and other assorted fundraisers.  We need help with anything -- donations of money for insurmountable vet bills, every day tasks and supplies, anything. We would love to meet you and see you at our meetings!

These animals are great and the non-monetary payoff is fantastic! Contact us at lexingtonsaveanimals@yahoo.com for more info.

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