Our Adoption Process

SPECIAL RATES! $100 for the adoption of dogs and $50 for cats. We may have other specials from time to time. This helps with some of the cost for spay/neuter, health checks and vaccinations that we are required to provide.  We are a non-profit charity organization and make no money by charging adoption fees. We actually lose money by charging such low fees and does not help with costs of routine parrasite and heartworm prevention or treatment of any of the common health issues found in abused or abandoned animals. It all goes toward the best care for our animal friends. 

            PETCO                       Adoption event at PETCO

200x150box_gina.pngWe ask a few basic questions to determine if you are a good match for our animal. It is our right to refuse adopting out an animal if it determined he/she will be adopted by an individual(s) who cannot take care of him/her. We do ask that if one of our adopted animals needs to be given up at any time in the future, the owner brings him/her back to us instead of somewhere else. This is to ensure the animal's safety.

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We always have many wonderful dogs and cats avialable, but also may have, or know of, other animals that need homes too. We have helped horses to turtles find homes since 2001. Click the arrow above or here to find your future furry friend and family member.  See our Featured pet at Petfinder.com.  See kittens and cats at foster home. 

Watch our FB page for more current animals that are in need of homes.                                                  pawPrint75.png

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