More Friends of the Friendless
Visit the people that help care for our furry friends and do all they can to keep them healthy, happy and loved. - From finding the perfect furry friend to caring for them after you bring them 200x150links.pnghome, many helpful links are also here.
Get Involved - Discover more ways to help Friends of the Friendless.
Other Shelters - We're not the only ones who care. - Join the movement to protect cats.
HELP Humane Society - A No-Kill animal shelter. ASPCA                                                                 The Animal Rescue Site, Good Search,
Pets for Seniors - National Council for Aging Care.

pawPrint75.png  If you're looking for more information, or more ways you can participate and help, contact us at (816) 200-9571 or email us at


How You Can Help

• Playing with, grooming & walking lonely pets
• Helping out with adoption events or Fund raisers
• Cleaning cages, Being a foster parent to a homeless pet
• Taking pet photos to post on
• Transporting pets to the vet or Spay and Neuter clinic
• Offering your professional services and supplies

Donate, Adopt & Play. It's all greatly appreciated.

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